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windexcowboy's question on /.

Then, and now.

Big difference between Madison and Hoboken:

Years ago, I was walking down the street with aaronkliger, fmrflyboy, and Sarah. They were ahead of me, I was catching up. As I was trying to catch up, a group of kids slowed down in their SUV next to me. They yelled at me, calling me a ``fucking Satanist'' before driving off. I wasn't sacrificing children that night, nor was I giving the dark master mad props. I was just walking down the street with long hair and a black leather trench coat.

Days ago, I was walking down the street with my roommate, when we passed through a pack of kids. They yelled after me, ``Highlander! What's up Highlander? The power of the sword! Where's the sword?''

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